Multiphysics Modeling & Simulation

A Study for the Self-Assembly Process of Micro- and Nanostructures 

In this work, we establish the theoretical model to consider the multiple physical mechanisms of self-assembly process of nanostructures. Through the development of theoretical model we represent the visible self-assembly process and develop effective tools for new nano technology. 

Fig 1. Patterning thin film by surface chemistry and elastic field 

Fig 2. Evolving thin polymer film driven by electrostatic field 

Fig 3. Evolution of flip-chip solder joints under electromigration and elastic field 

Development of Integrated System of Process Analysis and Design for Nuclear Fuel Spacer Grid 

In this work, we develop an integrated system of process analysis and design for manufacturing of nuclear fuel spacer grid with high quality. Optimization of die making process and control system results in the reduction of defective rate, and development of welding process results in the manufacturing of nuclear fuel spacer grid assembly with high performance and quality. All of these will lead the product to be competitive on the world market. Ultimately, the life of nuclear fuel rod will be enhanced to its maximum. Additionally, we will obtain the patents on the developed techniques, and will attempt to commercialize and to export them. 

Fig 1. Pulsed welding experimant with Nd:YAG laser 

Fig 2. Molten zone and heat affected zone profile of Zircaloy-4 

Fig 3. Z-direction displacement after laser welding process